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Autism Spectrum Conditions

    Melbourne Centre for Women's Mental Health has a multidisciplinary team of health professionals who work collaboratively with you to create an Individualised Support Program aimed at supporting you and your loved ones to better understand how you experience Autism, learn Social and Emotion Regulation Skills to feel more confident, function better and have a better quality of life. We understand that each individual is unique and there can be challenges you face that are related to other contexts and conditions so we work with you to create the plan and refine it as we go making sure we continue to work toward your goals.

    Our multidisciplinary team can form a part of your program depending on your needs, you may select to have assessment and support from:

  • Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Clinical Neuropsychology Assessment and ongoing Support
  • Senior Dietitian and Nutritional Counselling or Meal Planning
  • Attend some of our Group Programs held throughout the year

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